“The uncanny is something which is secretly familiar, which has undergone repression and then returned from it. Everything that is uncanny fulfills this condition.” – Freud



In my work, I rely upon an internal dialogue of intuitive responses—a process of discovery—as I build up, remove, rearrange and develop forms during the process of their creation.  I embrace the unfamiliar, uncertain and unexplainable with a goal of creating something that is evocative, eccentric or uncanny.


I am especially interested in ambiguity and I draw upon a wide range of sources to create work that undulates with references—human, plant, animal, mineral, mechanical, microscopic and biological.  The juxtaposition of contrasting sensual experiences—images, sounds and smells—are an inescapable reality in our modern urban environment, and this idea is central to my work.  I reflect upon this contemporary condition by joining bulbous shapes with linear constructions, textured surfaces with smooth, black with white to reflect the relationship between cacophony, order and the constant presence of the unexpected. I deliberately avoid developing a linear construction of meaning, instead exploring possibilities with chance compositions and accidents through experimentation.


Currently, I am exploring the idea of the binary in a series of sculptures and constructed drawings.  I am particularly interested in the physical aspects of constructing these works and I develop my palette in this series through material choice and construction.   I hope to call attention to structural nuances, to raise questions about the relationship between sculpture and drawing, and to create work that explores the notion of beauty outside of classical standards and cultural expectations.